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  1. As I wrote yesterday, I think it is hufplel to get a diagnosis of autism as early as possible. Before Charlie was diagnosed with autism, I felt like I was in a state of free-fall, my mind full of questions ( do you think he’ll ever talk? why is tape compartment on the CD player the only thing he plays with? why, as we walked into Office Max, Charlie fell to all fours and hit his head on the linoleum?). Other than averted eyes and hesitant, sympathetic smiles, there were no answers from the doctor, well-meaning relatives and colleagues at work, Charlie’s daycare teachers. No one wanted to be the first to say autism because, as I look back, everyone equated the notion of Charlie being autistic with a worst case scenario -that an autism diagnosis is a fate worse than death. This kind of alarmist thinking can impel parents into treatments and therapies that make claims for cures and recovery that are misinformative and that, I think, do not encourage a parent enough to think about how, while life with an autistic child may well turn out to be other than one might have expected, this does not mean that it cannot be a good life. An autism diagnosis is not a death sentence. An autism diagnosis is not the end to a story, but the preface to a new beginning to an unexpected childhood, and a journey into places I had never been able to imagine until Charlie was walking with me.

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